Meet our speaker from Kochi, Keerthana Krishnan who talks about digital India post demonetisation

Introducing our second lady speaker for WordCamp Kochi 2017Keerthana Krishnan

Keerthana K is a developer based in Cochin, India. She was a participant in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2016. She’s an avid FOSS enthusiast, and a passionate contributor to quite a few open source projects. She loves to tinker with gadgets and technology, and to write about her coding escapades. She was also a speaker to DebConf16, the official Debian conference in 2016 held at Cape Town, South Africa.

She will be speaking at WordCamp Kochi on the topic – Demonetisation for Developers, How Technology Heals the Digital Divide

In her talk, she’ll cover how the world’s largest democracy woke up to demonetization, which gave a hard push into using digital transactions in everyday life, and she’ll examines its consequences on developers who have to now come up with fool proof ways so that India can pay it’s bills.

Dethroning the USA for the largest user base for Facebook with 195 million users, only 35% of the Indian population still has access to the Internet in 2016. However, with demonetization, the cash crunch has forced many people to migrate to digital transactions and e-wallets, giving a boost to the Internet infrastructure and consumption. This talk is a necessary big picture conversation, long overdue, on how everyday developers can build safer and more accessible systems for public use without compromising on security.

Her focus will be on Web development and User Experience. It will take on examples and observations faced in the digital landscape of India, where illiteracy, the language barriers, access to steady Internet and many other factors create complex problem solving challenges for developers, similar to many other developing countries. This talk is especially meant for Front End Developers and Content Creators who are looking to expand their user base into South Asia and other emerging economies, and will be in a beginner level.

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