Meet Our Friends From The WordPress World

The WordPress community is all about friendship! The WordPress world is best known for its friendly community of users, developers, and admirers who support each other, through thick and thin.

WordCamp Kochi would never be successful without the support of the community. We are happy to announce our friends from the WordPress world, and the community, who were kind enough to provide monetary support – to make WordCamp Kochi a reality! is a non-profit initiative driven by KDC eduVents, to simplify the process of organizing and building a FOSS community. It provides valuable tools to make an event user friendly and convenient to organize as well as to attend. Current features include payment gateways, ticketing platforms, website space, domain names, communication channels etc.

We have been a part of the WordCamp Family:
WCBhopal-2016 | WCNashik-2016 | WCPune-2017 | WCUdaipur-2017 | WCMumbai-2017

Ink My Web

Ink my web helps you TH!nk how you will use the web for your brand. We bring our digital experience and skills to push your brand’s message, beyond just a website or popular social media. We are a Digital Agency with focus on Developing websites using WordPress.



CybroGeek are the trusted information security strategic partner where it follows strong ethics and integrity, strict code of conduct, and high level of professionalism with structured and streamlined processes, to many businesses and Government departments and helps them empower to succeed.


SpotBay is a social network produced by Neonicz solutions and is aimed at creating a network that only consists of ‘real people’. Most of the social networks are flooded with unnecessary group creation, spamming and fake IDs and, often real purpose of social networks fades away somewhere in between. We have tried to develop a network, through which people can interact and network with each other in a healthy online space. We have strived to create a mechanism where people can meet new people in real terms, and with real ones only, who are willing to meet, interact and play their part towards the society.

Author: Hari Shanker R

I'm a Happiness Engineer at Automattic - where I help people make the world a better place through WordPress.