Daphnée Laforest, our next speaker, will talk about Changing the Rules, and thoughts on Remote Work


We are excited to announce our next speaker for WordCamp Kochi 2017 – Daphnée Laforest.

Daphnée is a Product Manager at Human Made, a leading international WordPress Agency and a WordPress.com VIP partner, that has over 40+ employees, and is operated 100% remotely. Her passion for travel made her quickly adopt a location-independent lifestyle, and develop a massive interest in a flexible work culture. Today, she tries hard to inspire others to do the same.

She will be speaking at WordCamp Kochi on the topic – Changing the Rules: Thoughts on Remote Work

Today’s technology and connectivity allows us to achieve the extraordinary. Remote work not only enables WordPress companies to access the best talents in the world, but, is also becoming an incredible opportunity to empower work-life balance, and happiness at work. It’s definitely changing the rules for the future generations. However, it also comes with a big list of new challenges, including miscommunication, and isolation. The aim of this talk will be to discuss the impact of a remote workforce in India, as well as sharing best practices and tools to succeed at online collaboration.

She has spoken in various meetups about Remote Work, and is a co-organizer of the first online conference about Remote Work: http://outofoffice.hm